What makes DinersMenu different?

We understand that your restaurant’s profit margin is already low and we don’t want you to pay a premium for each online order in the 3rd party portal marketplace, where, in addition to the high cost, you risk losing your customers as your competitors are there trying to tempt them away.

We also know that you are already busy enough running your business to spend your time and energy maintaining some DIY online ordering system.

Here at DinersMenu, we set everything up for you to grow your business online and to build stronger customer relationships.

It’s for free, and trouble free.

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Everything You Need in One Place

Your Brand, Your Website
You will get a free custom designed website with a domain that matches your restaurant’s brand (logo, styles, etc.). What’s more, we take care of the hosting, maintenance and updates for your site – whenever, forever and for free! 

Effortless Online Ordering
A great restaurant website design is not just beautiful, but effective. Just like your chef knows the recipes, we know the exact components to showcase the best of your brand and products, to elevate your customer’s online ordering experience, and to encourage them to order more.
Own Your Customer Data
Communicate with your customers directly and promptly when things go wrong, take the chance to turn an unhappy customer to a loyal one. Learn who your best customers are, figure out what exactly your customers want, so that you can effectively boost repeat business.
Simplified Operations
With our Manager app or Web dashboard, you can manage your online orders, control & update your online menu and online ordering service of all the locations in one place, anywhere, anytime.
Improved Cashflow
You get paid directly from customers online or in person. Take back control of the cashflow, skip the long wait for your paycheck.

Perfect online ordering solution for every appetite

We partner with different types of restaurants, large & small

More than just a restaurant website

It’s a fully-featured digital ordering platform for your customers and your team. Grab & Go!
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Simple Pricing

We are affordable for everyone
Get your restaurant online for free today!

Our pricing is simple. There’s no monthly fees or setup costs to your restaurant - your customers will pay a fair, low convenience fee per order placed.

What’s more, you can even get up to 20% cashback rebates from your customer orders.

No sneaky fees, no contracts

Free Plan

Fully designed website
Unlimited online orders
Full customer data
Restaurant onboarding
Support agent 7 days a week
Customers pay $1 or 3% per order

Bring your business to the next level

Marketing Add-on

Premium SEO
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Email Marketing
Branded Mobile Apps

Let’s work

Find out more about how DinersMenu
can help your drive more revenue.
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