Get Ready for the Super Bowl Sunday
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Get Ready for the Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl LVI will be hosted by Los Angeles City County on Sunday, February 13, 2022. As this big event draws nearer many people are already planning and discussing where they would gather to watch the game.

While fans are getting hyped and excited, restaurants can use this big event to create a great experience for their customers.

A wise person once observed that there are two types of people on Super Bowl Sunday:
super bowl game
super bowl show

The people who are at the party for the game.

And the people who are there for the food.

Since Super Bowl is known to be one of the times when restaurant meal delivery usually soars, it is important to be prepared for the volume of delivery or takeout orders. One way of managing the drastic increase in orders on game day is by offering an advance order option. Encourage your customers to place future orders well ahead.

Encourage your customers to place future orders well ahead by telling them what special menu items you will be offering on the game day, e.g. Super Bowl Family Pack, Game Day Party Tray, Super Wings, etc. You could even offer food or drink specials as incentive to encourage advance orders, that would help you better prepare for the day.

If you plan to run any coupon or special promotion, now is the best moment to post them on your Facebook business page, Instagram, and Google My Business! Apart from that, you may also email your loyal customers and remind them to tailgate with your restaurant on the big day!