Market Your Restaurant, Make Mother’s Day a Success
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Market Your Restaurant, Make Mother’s Day a Success

When we think of May, one of the first things that come to mind is Mother’s Day. An event that most families celebrate and no restaurant should miss.
To make the most of this special event, we have outlined some tips on how you can best draw customers to your restaurant and capitalize on the potential of Mother’s Day.

Create a Mother's Day Special Menu

A consistently great menu is why customers keep coming back to your restaurants. However, offering something new on special occasions like Mother’s Day is a great way for drawing in some new guests. It also provides an unforgettable experience for repeat or loyal customers.
Besides, offering a customized menu on Mother’s Day will create buzz and encourage people to reserve their tables immediately!
mothers day restaurant special menu

Offer Moms Special Deals or Discounts

You can either go all in and let moms eat free on this special day or offer them free desserts or have a signature drink or a complimentary bouquet of flowers, or a fantastic deal like discount.

Offering a free meal to moms could be the best offer to catch your customers’ attention. To make it a less costly promotion, you don’t necessarily provide moms with a full multiple course meal free of charge, you may simply offer a free main course. Apart from that, you could even consider restricting the free course to a special Mother’s Day selection so that you would have better control over the cost.

In any case, all kinds of freebies will be welcomed on Mother’s Day, same goes with a cash discount, e.g. $20 OFF Total Bill on Mother’s Day, or Mom Gets 10% OFF. Special deals of this kind will most definitely delight your customers.

mother's day restaurant special offers and coupons

As you are likely to have higher traffic on Mother’s Day, you might want to make the most of this opportunity to further promote your business and boost repeat sales.

For example, you could offer some special coupons to moms for their next visit or purchase with a limited period. You could also offer discounts to encourage them to try ordering takeout or delivery online, e.g. $10 OFF first online order. There’s no doubt that online ordering is way easier for your customers to place orders, meaning that there are higher chances to convert them into regular customers as they get used to it.

restaurant coupons and discounts to boost repeated orders

Promote Your Mother's Day Plans and Deals

restaurant social media post and facebook ads
mothers day restaurant email campaign and newsletter

The next step is to market your restaurant and your Mother’s Day specials. Whether you are open for dine-in, or offering takeout, or you open special business hours on Mother’s Day, you can publish posts on your Google My Business listings and Social Media business pages to update your audiences about your restaurant’s special plan or deals. If you have a higher marketing budget, you could even consider paid ads like Google ads and Facebook ads.

It is important to note that your marketing should target both new customers and regular customers. Email Newsletter is the best way to communicate with your regular customers. If you haven’t planned on sending a Mother’s Day Newsletter, we advise you to do it as soon as possible so that your customers are well informed that your restaurant will be open on the special day along with those offers and deals before they decide to go elsewhere.

Don’t forget to include a very clear Call to Action in your social post and newsletter. The main objective is to encourage customers to make reservations and to place their orders ahead of the special day.

Offer Mother’s Day Lunch or Dinner to Go

You might have limited seating capacity at the store and not all of your customers get to reserve a table. Not to mention, some of your customers might still prefer celebrating this special day at home. The best way to still make sure that these families can enjoy your food is by offering takeout or delivery service. You can offer a special meal box that moms and the whole family can enjoy at the comfort of their home.

To publish your Mother's Day menu and special deals, to better keep track on all your advanced to go orders for this special day, you shall get an efficient online ordering system like DinersMenu. It's not only helpful for restaurant, but also very handy for your customers as well! With DinersMenu, your customers can easily browse the menu, view the latest offers, place orders online and schedule for pickup or delivery.

mothers day takeout lunch or dinner box