Restaurant Hiring: Places to Post Job Opening
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Restaurant Hiring: Places to Post Job Opening

There is no denying that we're in the midst of a labor shortage. According to the National Restaurant Association, 78% of restaurant owners across the U.S. report they don’t have enough employees to support their current customer demand.

Hiring top restaurant employees has never been so tough.

Here are some great job boards built for the restaurant industry.

Poached – dedicated to food and drink-related jobs. They will promote your listings to their own audience as well as through their partners including Indeed, Glassdoor and ZipRecuiters.

Culinary Agents – a networking site catering to current and aspiring professionals in the food, beverage, and hospitality industry.

Industry – an online community bringing together hospitality and retail professionals.

HigherMe – an all-in-one hiring software for restaurant and retail businesses to recruit, screen, interview, and onboard employees.

GoodFoodJobs – a gastro-job search tool, designed to link people looking for meaningful food work.