Utilizing Google Ads to Your Advantage
Google Ads

Utilizing Google Ads to Your Advantage

When it comes to restaurant marketing, most people stay away from Google Ads. Running Google Ads may seem complicated, but it will benefit your restaurant once you see the result.


What is Google Ads?


Google Ads is one of the biggest online advertising platforms that are important in marketing tools. It will allow you to increase your restaurant reputation and search-ability, which in return drives more customer ordering.


What are the benefits of running Google Ads?


Google Ads can help you target specific customers that are looking to dine-in, takeout, or delivery. With the help of a Google Ads campaign, your restaurant will show up on top of the search and map list where customers are more likely to click on.

Few advantages of using Google Ads:

  • Driving more traffic towards your website
    • Google Ads can boost more traffic towards your website, which more and more people are leaning towards ordering online.
  • Receiving more phone calls
    • You can set up call extensions that inform the customer that they can make a call for a reservation.  
  • Directing more in-person traffic
    • Setting up a location campaign can direct more customers to your restaurant as they are searching for “nearest burger restaurant”
  • Increase reputation on organic search
    • When your website received more traffic and returning guests know where to order, eventually you gain more organic search/ direct search. (which also means less cost on marketing)


How does Google Ads work?


Pay per click button

Google Ads operates under the Pay-Per-Click model or PPC online advertising. Basically, the ads will not show up on top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Instead, advertisers must bid on a certain keyword, and you pay a small fee for each customer interaction.

When bidding against other restaurants, you have a higher chance to show off your google ads to the potential customer.

This can translate into generating a higher impression to the hungry customer that is searching for the food you are offering.

In Google Ads, we recommend you set up a reasonable amount of Daily Budget, so you can manage the amount you want to spend in a day.


Different Bidding Options


Google Ads offers a variety of bidding strategies. Google will favor advertisers that not just have the highest bid but relevant and credibility of your website. This does not equal paying the highest bid keyword and you grant the top search. Instead, Google will take into consideration your relevancy and the quality of the ad. 

For example, you and your competitors bid on the same keywords and your competitor pays higher to be top search, but they have a low-quality score. Your quality score is 10/10 and you pay lower. Google Ads will favor your ads over your competitors, as a result, you get the top page SERP.

So as a restaurant you would want to focus on 1 bidding strategy.

Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

  • As the name suggests you set how much you would like on each click.
  • Maximizing clicks is the best option when it comes to restaurant ads.
  • Starting out with CPC allows you to manage the amount you spend on each click.

Now that you understand bidding strategies, it’s time to look at different campaigns for your restaurant.


Different Campaign Types


Several ways you can present your ads to a potential customer.


1. Search Campaign 

Text-based ads that display on top of Google search

Most starter advertisers choose Search Campaign ads as it’s more cost-effective and brings more direct customers

search ads


2. Display Campaign

Text, video ads that will display on Google’s partner website AKA (Display Network)

If you just open your restaurant, you could try this out just to get some attractions. Generally, it will show a lot of unwanted clicks.

Display Ads


3. Shopping Campaign

Image displaying products you are selling which will show in Google search  

If your restaurant sells a packaged product, you could try this campaign.

shopping ads


4. App Campaign

If you have an app for your restaurant, you can use this to target a specific audience.

App ads are served in Display Network as well

app ads


5. Video Campaign

Video ads are shown on YouTube

Recently more advertisers used short video promotions due to the increase in screen time.

video ads


6. Local Campaign

Connects your Google My Business that displays on Google Map search

This is a very powerful campaign that allows your ads to show on top of map searches when the customer looks for restaurants.

local ads


What Are You Waiting For?


Seeing all the benefits Google Ads can offer to your restaurant, it is no brainer to run Google Ads. One bonus tip, so many restaurants are not utilizing Google Ads, you could outshine your competitors in no time. The basic understanding of Google Ads will help you drive more customers and increase sales. Set up your Google Ads Campaign today!